Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fixing your iPhone's IP on a Wifi network

Now, there are two ways of doing this.

1. You assign a static IP to your phone.
2. You ask your router to assign the same IP to your phone every time.

Both are just easy (or complicated) and I've explained both here.

1. Assign a Static IP to your iPhone

Go to Settings > Wifi > and click on the little blue arrow next to your Network (shown below)

The just tap on the Static button and it'll transfer your DHCP assigned IP to the Statically assigned IP's page and you're done. (Shown Below)

2. Router assigned fixed IP.

This step will probably differ for each router. I have a Netgear WGR614v9, but it should give you an idea of what to do... The logic is that your router checks the MAC Address of each device that is looking for an IP to be assigned to it. It also maintains a list of MAC to IP mappings. This is your list of fixed IP addresses and we just need to add our iPhone to this list....

a. Go to the router's admin console. for Netgear routers.
b. Enter username / password when promted for it
c. Go to LAN Setup under Advanced
d. Under Address Reservation Click on Add
e. Select your iPhone from the list and Click on add


Jermal said...

Thanks very much for this. Recently changed my router and my iPhone kept having spells of being able to join my WiFi, but more often than not couldn't access it.

Used method 2 and assigned my iPhone in my routers LAN settings and it's working a treat. Didn't have to do this on my old router though!?!

Anyhoo, Thanks again


Raghu said...

Thanks. I had changed my wi-fi router and though it worked well for first few months, it just went off few days back. Some tweaking and checking the DNS entries of the router fixed my iphone wi-fi
Thanks again

Namit Karlekar said...

Glad I could help guys :)

Izlas Imaging by Eric Richards said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Great job and I'm so thankful

Jay said...

I tried to set the static settings on my iPhone and not only do they not auto populate, I can't get the manually input settings to save.

Namit Karlekar said...

Hey Jay, sorry for the delay... I thought this blog would be old and out-dated by now :)...

When you go to the static settings then the values will not auto-populate.. They have to be entered manually. Also, they'll only save if the values are correct and are accepted by the router... Hope that helps!

oneheart said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Namit ... I had re-worked my entire network a few months ago, and, in the past assigned static IPs for every device I could. With so many consumer products now-a-days with wi-fi connections (and many of them thinking consumers are too stupid to configure static IPs ... only offering a DHCP acquired address) ... I was tired of managing two seperate wi-fi router to dynamically issue addresses on one router and managing my other router for static IPs ... So, I switched it all to acquire via DHCP (with some MAC address reservations). I never thought to do a static assignment to the iPhones/iPads ... however, this seems to have solved the Wi-Fi sync issues I've been having as of late (was working reasonable before the network change). Cheers mate! Much appreciated.

Namit Karlekar said...

I'm glad that this is still a useful post even though it's almost 4years old!

Russel said...

Thanks Namit, worked like a charm!

Anonymous said...

I have tried this setting in an attempt to fix my wifi syncing with iOS devices, but unfortunately it has not helped. If the computer is awake I am able to wifi sync a few times and then the iPhone does not recognize the Mac and vice versa. I was very hopeful that the Static IP would help, but it did not. Would welcome all your thoughts and comments.

Namit Karlekar said...

Unfortunately, iOS6 is to blame. It is really screwed up t wifi syncing.

However what helps is that if I restart iTunes, then it tries to look for devices on the network and does find them... But over time it just disconnects and both devices become invisible to each other.

What makes this worse is that it seems to work better on Windows than on OS X :(.
I'm using the latest version of all the softwares (iOS 6.1.3, OS X 10.8.3) on an iPhone 4, iPad2 and iPad3.

Alex said...

I agree with you. It looks like it doesnt work more than it works. I can sit infront of the computer and try to wifi sync several times and it is hit or miss. If I power cycle the phone it seems to work again for 1 or two times and then all I see is that the iOS device is looking for my iMac. Spoke to Apple a bunch of times and they keep pointing fingers rather than say it is them (it is my Verizon Fios, it is the Time capsule in Bridge Mode, etc.) All I know is that their IT JUST WORKS no longer applies. Very frustrating.

Namit Karlekar said...

True Alex. The world is hoping that Apple with redeem itself with iOS7, and the next variant of the iPhone...
If it doesn't... then I guess we'll have to start looking elsewhere :(

Anonymous said...

Have you figured out any other workarounds? It seems that wifi sync will work only when the computer is awake. Once the computer goes to sleep it has been hit or miss.

Grant McIntire said...

I have a WNDR3400v2 Wi-Fi router (dual band). I can access both bands from all of my devices (2 Ipads, Iphone5, Imac). I used to be able to access it via my iPhone 4. I just re-simmed it through Net10 for my gf and I now can only see one of the bands, and cannot access the internet through that band. Note, I do have a static IP address. This phone was able to access both bands prior to the reboot/resim/erase.

Are the Subnet Mask & Router information the same for both bands? And while I am at it, why would the phone now not see the 5Ghz band?

Thank you in advance. Note I am not an IT person at all, just a guy that serves as the IT department for my family.

Namit Karlekar said...

@Anoymous, sorry haven't figured out anything yet.

@Grant I pretty much have the same setup as yours. Just that instead of an iPhone5, I've been using an iPhone4, and as far as I know it doesn't support the 5GHz bandwidth; only 2.4GHz. And on my Belkin router (F9K1102 v1) they both use the same LAN / WAN settings. The only things I can change are the SSID names, the Wireless Mode (a/b/g/n), encryption type and passwords.
All other settings, like Subnet Mask / ADSL settings etc are common.

Rizky said...

Hi Namit,

I know it's a an old thread but I'm at my wit's end and hopefully you're still answering this thread.

Not a tech guy by any stretch, so I'll try to explain my problem as plain as possible and as chronologically correct as possible.

Device is iPhone 3GS, the problem is Wifi connection. Has been working fine up until last week when this happened (I will list what happened and what I did chronologically):

1. My personal portable wireless internet router had problems connecting, so took it to their repair shop and they say they will replace it but need a few days, so I left the router with them.

2. The next day I went overseas for a business trip. Over there, my iPhone could connect to the hotel's and airport's Wifi but couldn't connect to the overseas office's Wifi ("Incorrect password" but I definitely entered the correct password).

3. Went back to my country after a few days. Went to the repair shop to pick up and set up the new portable router. Set up a new network name and password. My iPhone again showed "Incorrect password" but the new router was working fine as evidenced by the repair guy's two phones being able to connect and surf using it.

4. Took home the router. Wife's phone able to connect and surf, mine still showing "Incorrect password". Frustrated, played around with my iPhone for the next hour including resetting network settings, but still no luck. So at last I tried renaming the new router's network name and password to match the old network's before the router was replaced. All of a sudden my iPhone was able to connect again. Happy happy joy joy!

5. Today I'm at my office and have to connect to my office's Wifi manually(which usually done automatically no problem) and guess what happened: "Incorrect password".....arghhh.

Any suggestions Namit? Is my old iPhone 3GS due for replacing already? I hope not....



Namit Karlekar said...

Hey Rizky,
Yours sounds like a strange issue indeed..
The only thing I can think of is some kind of keyboard software goof-up or some damage to the screen which is causing the wrong keys to be registered....

Try typing your password on a different app like Notes or Message. Also, are you experience other symptoms like unintentional mistakes while typing in other apps?

Also you should consider yourself lucky that your Phone is still alive! I had a first gen iPhone on which the Wifi just refused to "see" any other networks after about 2-3 years...

So maybe it is time to get yourself a new one :). Or try re-installing the iOS (after taking a backup)